We selected Irish Wedding Traditions for my task when I had been enthusiastic about just what the distinctions had been between weddings now and weddings into the century that is 20th

We selected Irish Wedding Traditions for my task when I had been enthusiastic about just what the distinctions had been between weddings now and weddings into the century that is 20th

Old Irish Wedding Traditions

There are lots of distinctions including, dresses, bands, proposals, superstitions, ceremonies etc. The difference that is main end up being the investment property on weddings to that particular of wedding also two decades ago.

Old Traditions


Handfasting is a historical tradition that is celtic involved tying the fingers associated with betrothed together well prior to the marriage time. It is similar to an engagement, an occasion whenever both events decide in the event that actually want to commit. The tradition sometimes occurs on the actual wedding day although in centuries past, the ceremony acted as kind of a temporary marriage in modern times.

The Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh Ring may be the conventional Irish wedding band. It’s a heart held by two arms aided by the heart topped by way of a crown. The fingers represent faith, the crown symbolises honour as well as the heart signifies love. Single women typically has on this band to their right hand because of the band dealing with outwards. When in a relationship, the band could be turned inwards nevertheless the band is relocated towards the hand that is left the bearer became involved along with it still dealing with inwards. After the bearer had been hitched the band would remain on the hand that is left outwards.

The Blue Dress

The standard Irish bride wore a blue bridal dress as opposed to a white one. This color had been an expression of purity in ancient times before white became along with for virginity.

The Horseshoe

The relationship of this horseshoe and luck that is good since old whilst the hills. In numerous countries, hanging a horseshoe over a home had been considered to bring all the best into the occupants. That tradition crept into weddings too as well as the tale goes that brides would carry a horseshoe to their big day to create luck that is good the event and also to the remainder wedding. Nowadays, numerous brides still choose to will include a horseshoe to their weddings, either being a necklace, design jewish ukrainian brides or concealed in the dessert for the guest that is lucky find.

Comparisons of Then and from now on

This made sense as it was the end of the working week so people were available to attend the simple marriage ceremonies that were available at the time in Ireland centuries ago, the most popular day to be married was Sunday. In Ireland today, wedding that is most yet not each one is held for a Saturday. It’s usually to facilitate visitors that would otherwise be at their workplace which is easier get A sunday off work than the usual monday. Weddings in this era for a Sunday are uncommon.

The Dress

In old Ireland the top, extravagant dresses we come across today had been uncommon, many brides either rented their dresses or had a family member make sure they are. Dresses had been frequently of easy design with low priced materials plus some lace if perhaps you were happy. We see big gowns and dresses covered in frills and sparkles today. Many dresses these full times are tailor made and generally are different to your people from years back. We likewise have more styles to pick from (mermaid, ball dress etc. ) whereas into the century that is 20th dresses looked similar.

Irish Weddings Today

Irish weddings today just take months of preparation as many venues must be scheduled well ahead of time. In old Ireland, weddings had been easy ceremonies with just family that is close buddies going to. Today, weddings are big occasions with a few partners welcoming as much as 500 visitors simply to have good time. The common spending plan of an couple that is irish a wedding is €19,635. Every year weddings are becoming larger and larger plus they are completely different from those years ago but the majority of Irish brides prefer to keep some traditions, just like the horseshoe, to help keep in contact with their roots that are irish.


We made a decision to interview my Nanny as she spent my youth in 1960’s Ireland.

1. Just just What age had been you whenever you went to very first wedding?

I was 15 yrs. Old it had been my siblings wedding.

2. Where did she be got by her gown and exactly exactly just what made it happen appear to be?

My mom made her gown and it also had been a simple gown with long sleeves, it stumbled on her ankles also it had details of lace about it.

3. Exactly just exactly What do you wear into the wedding?

I wore my Sunday most useful I owned at the time as it was the nicest outfit.

4. What occurred following the marriage service?

Well there clearly was no big celebration like there clearly was today anyhow. Anybody who is at the ceremony ended up being invited up to the household for tea along side neighbors but that has been concerning the height from it.

5. Ended up being it high priced to get hitched straight back then?

Neighbors and buddies brought food and beverage to your household following the ceremony and this managed to make it cheaper.

6. Did each goes for a vacation?

No, vacations had been very costly for many individuals to then afford back.

7. Ended up being here music following the ceremony?

Neighbours brought instruments up to the home so that it ended up being such as for instance a trad session.

8. Where would partners often reside after engaged and getting married?

They might live with either the bride’s or groom’s moms and dads after the marriage.

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