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An Expensive Education

21 years ago by Julie Jargon
A week after the University of Northern Colorado Laboratory School let out, Kristen Anderson's mind was on the summer activities that would keep her two young kids occupied for the next three months. Other parents were planning road trips, backyard barbecues and swimming lessons. No one was thinking about the...

Educating Karen

25 years ago by Michelle Johnston
It is undisputed that Karen Ann Shain's boss used to measure her skirt lengths against those of other women in the office. He admits that he called long skirts "Karen length" skirts and used to kid her for not showing any "skin" on either her legs or her neckline. There...


26 years ago by Arthur Hodges
When Rita Montero was conducting her campaign for the Denver Public Schools board this spring, voters in northwest Denver heard all about her qualifications for the job and her ideas for educational reform. Montero pledged to cut wasteful spending at DPS, boost parental participation and overhaul the district's bilingual-education program...

Sound Education

15 years ago by Cole Haddon
Bob Morris has got his hands full tonight. His band, the Hush Sound, is slated to open for Fall Out Boy and the All-American Rejects at Chicago's UIC Pavilion. Just prior to the hometown gig, as the guitarist/vocalist is being interviewed, his mother -- who's standing in line outside the...

The Education of Lonnie Lynn

24 years ago by Steve Jackson
The door of Lonnie Lynn's house stands open. "Make yourself at home," he says. "If you've been here thirty seconds, you are home." A couple of crumpled Budweiser cans adorn a chair on the front porch. Summer evenings will find Lonnie there with his young son, Malone, on his lap,...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.