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Trap Sheet

22 years ago by Eric Dexheimer
On a crisp morning early last February, Paul Jensen, a 44-year-old man without even so much as a traffic ticket dulling his reputation walked out of his ranch house near the central mountain town of Salida and prepared to break the law. Consistent with his shoot-straight, live-by-the-rules character, Jensen had...

Advocacy Group Gives Hickenlooper "B" in Marijuana Policy

3 years ago by Thomas Mitchell
Colorado's governor often finds himself being questioned about pot. Now he's been graded.

Mark Udall called Armenian genocide defector by advocacy group in candidate report card

11 years ago by Michael Roberts
In April, Senator Mark Udall marked the anniversary of the 1915 Armenian genocide with a strongly worded statement. But these words didn't satisfy Rocky Mountain Hye Advocates, an organization trying to get all members of the Colorado congressional delegation to support a national Aremenian genocide resolution...

Fact or Friction?

23 years ago by Ward Harkavy
John Paulk's life has really changed. A few years ago he was nobody, just another former drag queen. But that was before he started going public with his "conversion" from homosexuality, before he became the straight man for the "ex-gay" propaganda campaign. That campaign kicked into high gear this summer...

Tip Sheet: Young Coyotes

13 years ago by Dave Herrera
Who: Young Coyotes Dossier: Zach Tipton formed Young Coyotes with Adam Halferty (the Axe That Chopped the Cherry Tree and the Chain Gang of 1974) after Tipton's previous band, Moros Eros, who was signed to Victory Records, folded this past spring. Formerly based in Marietta, Georgia, Tipton reportedly moved to...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.