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Best TV Anchor — Male

To put it mildly, Adam Schrager, who spends most of his on-air time reporting about politics for Channel 9, doesn't look like a typical TV host: He's got a hangdog face and often doesn't seem to have a total mastery of combs. But on Your Show, his public-affairs program on...

Best Hair on a TV Personality — Male

Kyle Clark's cut is multi-dimensional. When he's on assignment, the hard-charging correspondent's mop looks mildly mussy yet still under control. Think of it as Action Hair that perfectly complements those Jake Gyllenhaal eyes. In the studio, however, his 'do — enhanced with a little product — exhibits unexpected complexity, with...

Photos: Meet the seven most recent Seahawks accused of using performance enhancing drugs

7 years ago by Michael Roberts
When people saw Seahawks star Richard Sherman's crazed rant after Seattle's victory over the 49ers on January 19, many probably wondered, "What is he on?" Turns out Sherman has been accused of using performance-enhancing drugs, but his suspension was nixed on appeal. Plenty of his teammates haven't been as lucky,...

Wanted: Jeffco shoplifter specializing in weight-loss pills, Rogaine, condoms

8 years ago by Michael Roberts
Given the number of serious crimes that are committed in these parts, shoplifters don't typically get a great deal of attention. But a man wanted in Jefferson County is an exception to this rule, thanks to the volume of thefts he's allegedly committed, but also for what he's accused of...

Ball busters: Five Coloradans who should get the first batch of male birth-control meds

12 years ago by Joel Warner
We here at Westword are quite excited about the possibility of male birth-control meds -- mostly because we'll then get to take all the rubbers people no longer need and wear them on our heads like that old "condom hat" routine Howie Mandel used to do. Seriously, that bit never...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.