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Westword: All about us

13 years ago by Michael Roberts
An interesting cyber-conversation cropped up in Tuesday's blog "Help the Denver Post by Paying Extra for Obama's Mile High Moment," much of it fueled by someone identified as Diane, who made several charges against yours truly. The gist: Village Voice Media, the parent company of Westword, is teetering on the...

Lockheed takes over the U.S. government's Antarctic operations, keeps staff in Denver

10 years ago by Jonathan Shikes
More than two years past its original deadline, the National Science Foundation has finally awarded a contract to Lockheed Martin to handle the U.S. government's vast operations in Antarctica. The thirteen-year, $1.9 billion contract begins April 1 and its headquarters will continue to be based in Centennial...

Denver Post: More shrinkage to staff, pages

9 years ago by Michael Roberts
We've recently shared news about Denver Post layoffs of Mike Littwin and Penny Parker and reported pay cuts for Woody Paige and Vincent Carroll, another pair of high-profile staffers. But that's not all, folks. Editor Greg Moore confirms another pair of layoffs amid word that many previously mentioned page cuts...

Is a Neo-Nazi on Staff at 710 KNUS?

2 years ago by Conor McCormick-Cavanagh
Kirk Widlund denies that he has an affinity for Nazis, but evidence is starting to cast doubt on his claims.

Roxane White is Hickenlooper's new chief of staff

12 years ago by Michael Roberts
Roxane White knows a little something about the power of prayer, having graduated with a degree in religious studies from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon back in 1985 -- and she'll need all the faith she can get in her new job, as Mayor John Hickenlooper's new chief...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.